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Exploring Archaeology on the Social Web

With the increase in social networking and interactive web-based systems over the past few years, archaeology has in general been slow on the uptake, however, there were those there at the start and those that are catching on to the potential, with more appearing on a weekly basis. They range from the stunning, innovative and genuinely useful, which get filed under favourite to those that may have the best intentions but miss the point completely.


Meet the Blogger: Mike Anderson of “Ancient History”

Mike Anderson’s blog “Ancient History” is framed by a statement and a question: “History can teach us about the present. Are we progressing or regressing?” In this Meet the Blogger interview, we ask him that question, as well as his tips for conveying the importance of ancient history through the web. How did your interest […]

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David Connolly V-log: The team hits a milestone

To demonstrate how his work skills “measure up,” David examines a granite pillar in Jerash. His next examination turns political as he asks “would you trust ‘Winkie’?” Then comes a milestone in the team’s discovery. Actually they “uncovered” three milestones–of the Roman variety. This is video you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else!

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