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Station around the turn of the 20th Century

Can you help this heritage project? Preserving Nicholson’s Past by Renovating and Restoring 1849 Railroad Station into a Community Center

UPDATE:  Great news! The Nicholson Heritage Association purchased this station in June 2012. The next step is a feasibility study and the Association is waiting to hear back on whether or not they received a state grant to assist with this phase of the project. More information can be accessed at: —————————————————————————————————————- The town […]

lorelle vanfossen

Two days with a power blogger: learning the art of expression, connection and influence

Power blogger Lorelle VanFossen came to the National Park Service office where I intern and taught a day-and-a-half workshop on the art of blogging and its uses in the heritage field. Lorelle stood in front of us and asked, “what do you say when someone says they have a blog?” Without missing a beat, one participant responded, “ask if there is a cure.” That sudden burst of laughter broke the ice as we all discussed our thoughts on how blogging could potentially help the organization. Some responded with, “I don’t know; I am here to learn the answer” or “Because my boss told me to.” But then we started discussing how blogging could help us reach a wider audience.


Can you help this heritage project? Bringing “Paisley’s Past” into the 21st Century with community archaeology

A note from Jeff: Some of the most powerful “heritage experiences” I’ve had resulted from public archaeology projects. Like social media, they are rooted in the concepts of openness, interactivity and action. A lot of individuals and groups in heritage fields just don’t know where to start with a grassroots campaign. There are no “perfect” […]

On a return visit to Francis Mill in 2009 to check up on the structure. Pictured are Tanna and Tim Timbes of the Francis Mill Preservation Society, Jamie's daughter Colleen, Jamie, her uncle Jerry Donahoe, and Ken Walton, who also volunteered at the first workshop in 2004 and has become a long-time supporter and volunteer.

Voluntourism and More Meaningful Vacations – Volunteer your Vacation Time to Preserve Natural Heritage

by Dylan Staley

Everyday, all around the nation, families are taking vacations not to relax, but to help and volunteer their services to help preserve nature. Through partnerships with many organizations such as The Ocean Conservancy, The Nature Conservancy, The National Park Service, The Association of Zoos and Aquariums and The Surfrider Foundation, families can donate their vacation time to serve a better purpose: to help take care of the world we live in.

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