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Preserving Our Global Heritage through Volunteer Archeology

by Dylan Staley

Past Horizons is a service that seeks to aggregate many different archeological opportunities for people of all skill ranges to get involved with the field of archeology and heritage preservation. The website is host to countless descriptions of projects going on around the globe. It’s not limited to the United States or The United Kingdom; its project listing includes projects from Belgium, Romania, Tunisia, Bulgaria, and numerous other countries (around sixty-five in all!)

david connolly

David Connolly V-log: What a relief!

David takes a look behind the scenes, introducing us to the functions of the survey team, even if their faces are a little obscured. Next, he interprets an ancient relief panel outside one of the tombs in Jaresh. Finally, David undertakes an adventure in the city and decides to check out a construction site.

kate chopin house fire

National Landmark "Kate Chopin House" is lost to fire

CLOUTIERVILLE, LA–The Kate Chopin House, named for the legendary feminist writer who lived there during the 1880s, burned to the ground in an early morning fire today. The structure had been named a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of Interior in 1993.

current sauce teaser

20 years later, I finally understand what college media leadership taught me

    My career is in digital media now, and I’m grateful for that. But my younger self romanticized the notion of being a newspaper journalist.  Almost 20 years later, the university student newspaper I edited is celebrating 100 years of publication and digitization of its archive. Its tradition may not be yet be gone […]

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