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Jeffery Guin

Social Media: New playing field for PR, where everyone wins

Do you believe social media is a fad? Be honest with yourself. What if you knew that in the time it takes to read to this sentence, seven new blogs will be created? Yes, some will be “spam” blogs, conceived of evil intent to steal your time or money. And some will be the stillborn […]

david connolly

David Connolly V-log: Signs of ancient infrastructure

After an early start and a cup of coffee, David give us an up-close look at some of the artifacts his survey team is finding in ancient Jaresh. Among the artifacts are a rare water pipe and filter attachment, the lid for a coffee pot, and pieces of a glass kiln possibly dating to the Roman era.

My swag

Rootstech Family History & Technology Conference – Day 1

I first heard about Rootstech late last year, and thought “Genealogy and technology! What’s not to love about this???” I must admit, my second thought was, “Maybe I can finally see that library!” I imagine something out of a fantasy painting with a wizened old man sitting at a cluttered table in front of bookshelves that stretch into infinity in every direction. I doubt its going to be like that, but I’ll let you know late Friday (or more likely, early Saturday) as that’s when I finally get to see it!

alderman teaser

Meet the Blogger: Kimberly Alderman of the Cultural Property and Archaeology Blog

For the average person, archaeology and legal issues may not seem to have an obvious connection. Tales of archaeological discovery evoke feelings of adventure and connection to our fellow humans past and present. Not so much for the legal system. Yet there are potentially a mountain of legal issues that could put a stop to […]

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