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Social Networking for Conservators

Many in the heritage industry are embracing social media as a means of connecting to the public, and one another, there are a small, but growing, number of conservators who have joined in this communication explosion. Sadly the conservation profession as a whole remains somewhat wary of embracing social media. Though not to be downhearted […]


Voices of the Past Video Netcast: Featuring Dave Moyer, teenage new media producer and historic preservation activist

In this edition of the Voices of the Past netcast, we’ll meet Dave Moyer. Moyer is a new media professional and a historic preservation activist. We’ll learn how he became involved in those efforts, and how he manages his role as founding president of Bitwire media … at just sixteen years old. Plus, online heritage briefs: downloadable heritage documents on the Middle East; AIC’s new wiki for conservation; heritage travel site iGuidez

Nina Simon Armchair Tour of Museum 2

Armchair tour of museums and Web 2.0

By Nina Simon

Confused about social media? Don’t know where to start? For the last two years, I’ve been hunting down great projects in and outside of museums that exemplify the themes of visitor participation, user-generated content, and flexible relationships between institutions and visitors. Here are some of my favorite museum projects that represent interesting, thoughtful experiments with Web 2.0:

herculaneum teaser

Paging the Past in “Herculaneum: Past and Future”

In the world of archaeological discovery, few sites capture the global imagination than those destroyed by Vesuvius in 79 A.D. From the Pompeii Exhibit on display in America to the new Hollywood motion picture about the town’s demise, it’s a hot topic.

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